Top Tips For Potty Training

Potty training is regarded as difficult and time-consuming. The majority of parents hate this procedure as it consumes a lot of time. However, it does not have to be difficult. The 3 day potty training guide is the ultimate resource every parent needs. The following are proven methods to train your toddler to use the potty.

How to potty train your child

Prepare your child

It is the duty of a parent to determine when a chpotty train childild is ready for training. For instance, children who are ready for training find it easier as compared to those who are forced. Thus, you should force your child. In any case, this is not a competition. Every child has his or her learning pace that you will have to bear with it.

One of the signs that can tell your child is ready is when he or she is uncomfortable with wet diapers. He or she will signal that he/she wants to pee or poo. Another signal is when the child pulls down the underwear. Ensure you only train a child who is ready.


After determining that your child is ready, talk to him or her. It is helpful when the kid understands what he or she is supposed to do. One of the effective keys to learning is understanding your goals. In most cases, parents underestimate the capability of their children to understand. However, children have good memories and clear understanding only when an appropriate approach is used.


You can also show your child potty training visuals. Images make one understand better. One of the recent studies shows that children learn better through visuals and images. You can use pictures or stickers.

Avoid diapers

When at baby on potty trainhome with you’re a child, you should avoid using diapers. This is great for a child to learn how to use a potty effectively. When sleeping, do not allow them to wear a diaper. In this way, they will learn to use the potty. This can be a cheap method as you will not be buying a lot of diapers. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of sacrifice on your part as you will wake up and attend to your child.


Every child needs appreciation. In fact, they are bound to do well when they are appreciated. Show them how proud you are and congratulate them. It is advisable to reward your child every time he or she gets it right. This will motivate them to improve the next time.

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