The Pros of RC Lipo Batteries

The use of RC flights has never been as widespread as it is today. Although the first RC flight was recorded more than a century ago, it was only in the latter part of the 1930s that controlled planes had been used as artillery target drones. This was in part due to the many RC flight competitions that were held during this period that contributed much to the development of RC aircraft.

The popularity of RC as a hobby has grown extensively only in the 2000s, mainly because of the substantial improvements in the performance and capabilities of modern RC aircraft. The availability of various models has also caught the frenzy of many as they can choose RCs basing on affordability, weight, and design. Today, RC flight is more than just a hobby for enthusiasts. Some have brought a new meaning to this pastime by earning much through vlogging and commercial photography. Indeed, RCs have truly provided solutions to the many barriers of taking videos and photos.

When choosing RCs for your hobby or any other purpose, it is crucial to consider the type of battery. Although most RC aircraft are powered by lipo batteries, different battery brands have unique features and capabilities which you should consider. A lithium polymer battery or lipo battery, in short, has truly become the leading and most trusted rechargeable battery for RCs because of the following.



RC batteries can only last for minutes, so you must have spare batteries or a fast-charging battery, or else you will always be going home half-satisfied. You should also have the best lipo chargers to boot. When choosing the right charger, reading reviews on the best chargers at FPV Frenzy can help. Having one will definitely add convenience to your RC experience as you will not need to wait for hours before your RC battery can be fully charged.

Large Capacity

Even with their small sizes, lipo batteries can hold large capacity, which means that they are capable of maintaining high energy density in their small frame. This contributed to the lightweight feature of lipo batteries, making them convenient to carry wherever you want to go to satisfy your hobby.

High Discharge Rate

The high discharge rate of lithium polymer batteries can power the simplest to the most sophisticated radio-controlled aircraft. They are also excellent at maintaining consistent voltage as they discharge.

No Memory Effect

RCUnlike other kinds of RC batteries, lipo batteries have no memory effect. This means that you can charge the battery whenever there is a need regardless if it has been used some time ago. This will have no impact on its useful life.

Just like many products, lipo batteries have their own share of cons. By knowing them and doing precautionary measures, you can still get the most gratification from flying your RC aircraft without having to experience any downside.

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