Reasons for Investing in Prefab Homes

There are numerous reasons why we have factories. Prebuilt homes, also known as prefab or modular homes are built in factories before being shipped to the site for assembly. With the attention to efficiency and detail that comes from refining a work process over the years in the factory comes various benefits. Below are some for the benefits of prefab homes.

Less Waste

blue prefab houseThe construction and demolition industry generate a quarter of all non-industrial wastes all over the world. As manufacturing processes are developed over time, prefab home builders develop greater efficiency in their production. They can also gauge how much material is needed for the job accurately leading to less waste. Because materials are stored in the factory, it also implies that leftovers are likely to be kept and reused. Besides, materials are less likely to get stolen, damaged or vandalized something that happens in construction sites.

These homes, however, do require more materials in their construction than the non-prebuilt homes. This is because they must be reinforced for delivery to the site. The extra materials attached to the house makes more sense when looking at factors that cause loss of materials on a job site.


The extra materials used in reinforcing the house frame for shipment makes the home more durable. Since they are built in the factory, prebuilt homes are precision-engineered which contributes to greater durability. WithW prebuilt homes less structural damage is noted overall. The module-to-module combination of these units provides an inherently rigid system which performs better than the conventional residential framing.

Shorter Construction Time

These homes can be constructed in less time. Rather than having to wait for the deconstruction of previous buildings and laying a foundation before building, prebuilt homes can be made in the factory when the processes are happening. Most of the building is done indoors meaning weather delays are not an issue like they are with site-built homes. These homes can be built in an average of five months as opposed to about seven months for site-built homes.

Environmentally Friendly

prebuilt house

Since prefabs home are constructed in one central place before being assembled on site, workers can settle close to the factory then commute short distances. This will result in less carbon dioxide emissions. Prefab homes are also good for the environment as fewer materials are used in their construction. They also disturb the site less than conventional construction.


Because materials on construction sites are subjected to snow and rain, they may get covered in nasty environment toxins like rust, mold, and mildew. With prefab homes, the materials are less affected by these toxins indoors.

Prefab homes are also great for remote location, and they have a low average permit value. These are some of the benefits of investing in prefab homes.

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