Lawn Care Tips

An elegant lawn can be a foundation to a healthier and happy life in your home. Using the best grass seed will help you achieve the grass lawn you desire. This is why a large percent of people consider their lawn vital to their life and home. To ensure that you get the best from your lawn, you have to ensure it is well cared and maintained.

Essential lawn care tips


Aerating is a process that involves removal of soil cores to improve air and water movement in compacted soil. Also, the process promotes more and deeper root growth. In the long term, your lawn will respond more quickly to fertilizer. Also, water runoff will be minimized when doing irrigation.


Fall feeding provides your lawn with the nutrients required to prepare it to revive during the spring. As you do the feeding, ensure that you follow product directions and remove all fertilizer that might reach pavement back onto your lawn.


Pruning is essential for maintaining your shrubs and trees. It is possiblelawn carer for your lawn to become overgrown if it is not well cared. It ‘s nice to perform annual pruning to maintain shrubs and trees to the right shape and size. As you do the pruning, get rid of damaged and dead branches from shrubs and trees. This helps prevent invasion of stems and trunk of plants by rot organism.

Maintaining appearance and health

There are many things you can do to keep the health and appearance of your lawn. You can do this by getting rid of debris and fallen tree leaves from your lawn. Mulching tree leaves back into the grass in an effective way clears away leaf tree debris. If this debris is not removed, it might damage your lawn during the cold season. You should also lower the height of the mower by a single or two settings to reduce grass diseases during snow time.

Over seeding

lawn When it comes to increasing the thickness of your lawn and its health, over  seeding is necessary. This helps discourage future weeds and aid recovery  from  disease, summer heat, and activities of insects. Seeding during early fall  and  late summer provides grass with maximum time to have deep, extensive  root  systems. This also makes it possible for the grass to grow well before  winter.  When over seeding, aeration is essential to provide seeds more soil  contact and  better growth.

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