Home Remedies for a Vomiting in Dog

Unlike human beings dogs cannot tell you when they feel
sick. It is up to you as the master to read the signs and care for them until
they get well. One of the common signs that your dog is unwell is throwing up.
However, throwing up does not necessarily mean that the dog is now sick.
Vomiting can be brought about by several causes. A dog can vomit due to
overeating, stress, poisoning, stomach infections, diet change, stomach ulcers
or other serious illness. When you see your dog vomiting, you should assess the
cause and find a remedy. If you are not sure of the causes of the vomiting,
make sure you take your dog to a veterinarian for a checkup immediately. Some
instances like normal nausea and bloat can be remedied at home. In this
article, we will discuss some of the home remedies for a vomiting dog. However,
you should note that home remedies are only required for dogs that are healthy
and not those that are sick.


If you notice that your dog is throwing up and no signs of
sickness, you can buy OTC drugs, however, you must first ask your vet for
guidance. One of the most common and effective over-the-counter drugs is
Pepto-Bismol. Make sure you follow the vet’s dosing instructions. Also, some
dogs can be allergic to aspirin. Such dogs should not be given the Pepto-Bismol
drug since it contains aspirin. In such a case, try other remedies as explain


Fast your Dog

Another effective way of stopping your dog from vomiting is
to fast it for some time. Fasting is a very effective home remedy even for
human beings because it gives the gastrointestinal tract some time to recover.
When food intake is stopped, the dog will not have anything to vomit. At this
time you can give it more water to keep it hydrated. Also, water helps in
cleaning the gut from any acid traces. An adult dog should be denied food for
24 hours. For puppies, you should fast them for less than 12 hours only. You
should not starve your dogs for so long since the situation may worsen.

Balanced Diet

Even after the fasting your dog, it may continue to vomit.
The best thing to do after the fast the dog is to feed it with a balanced diet.
One of the main causes of vomiting is the abrupt introduction of new meals. You
need to feed them with the meal that they are used with. If you have to
introduce, a new meal ensures it is in small portions.

Use Probiotics Apart from Pepto-Bismol, you can use probiotics to stop the dog from vomiting. Probiotics for the dogs are among the best home remedies for vomiting in a dog. Probiotics help to soothe your dog’s tummy when they become nauseous. Also, probiotics help in promoting a healthy gut if they are taken on daily purposes. Also, ensure you buy from a well-known company. Make you supplement with warm water. If the dog cannot take warm water, give them ice chips, and it will stop.

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