Critical Steps on How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Statistics show that over 11 million Americans are unable to work due to severe impairments and illnesses. Social Security Disability Insurance is designed to help such people meet their basic needs. However, the procedure for applying for social security disability can seem to be an overwhelming task to most people. Some rules and requirements must be followed for one to be compensated. If one is not aware of these rules, then their compensation can be delayed. Social security disability insurance pays out about $143 billion annually. The rate of approval for applicants is very competitive. For those who want to apply, below are the steps to follow.

Obtain an Adult Disability Checklist

The social security Administration often provides adult disability checklist. The checklist helps one to prepare for the entire application process by ensuring they have everything needed.

Know what You Need to Apply for

While one can apply for social security disability benefits immediately after an injury, this may not guarantee them compensation. Social security admin considers several factors including education, age, and work experience. According to SSA guidelines, a physical or mental injury is deemed to be a severe disability that hampers one from doing specific tasks. They only accept an application after proving one’s medical condition.

Avail all the Needed Medical Documentation

SSA requires applicants to provide documentation for their medical conditions in the form of official tests or diagnosis results. It should also state all the doctors that one has visited, their medical records and provide all prescribed conditions. Additionally, one is required to avail working documentations stating where one has worked before the injury. They should also confirm that they’ve worked and paid social security for a considerable length of time. However, this may vary depending on the age of the applicant. The most critical thing is that one should explain their conditions precisely.

Find Help From an Attorney

An advocate or attorney is very paramount when applying for SSDI. An experienced disability representative can help in improving one’s odds of winning social security benefits approval, particularly on the hearing stage. A good example is this Louisiana disability application office at where residents around can go and apply.  An attorney works typically for a certain percentage of one’s back pay. This means one doesn’t have to pay any upfront fee. Therefore, those with medical conditions that prevent them from working can consider talking to an attorney for help.

Know the Claim to Apply For

One receives benefits from social security disability insurance based on the type of claim they apply for. Applicants must understand the kind of claim to file for them to be rewarded compensation. Age, work and other medical factors are often considered. Widows, widowers, children and divorced spouses also have options to choose from. One may find assistance from a lawyer to understand the best claim to file for.

Submit the Application when Complete

Upon the completion of all the paperwork, one is required to submit their application and wait for about three to four months before receiving a reply from SSA. In case the request is denied, one can still find an advocate or attorney for help. Social security administration rejects about 70% of applications annually. However, one can still get an appeal though benefits may be delayed.

The application process for social security disability benefits can be lengthy especially for the first-timers. However, by understanding the basic requirements and rules, one can be assured of a smooth application and successful compensation.