Inexpensive ways to decorate your walls

Decorating is fun and does not have to be expensive. A lot of people would usually have an empty wall, and leave it be because they might not know what to do with it. There are actually tons of ways to make your wall more alive and artsy, here are four easy tips on how to decorate your wall without a lot of money.

Frame a poster

wallPaintings can be expensive, but posters can be the alternative. Nowadays there are a lot of artists who would sell their art in the form of posters. Now, putting it just as it can make the wall look messy and the art looking less beautiful than what it is. Aside from keeping it clean, a frame would also make the art stand out and look even better. If I must say, this will also give an impression that your decoration is an expensive one.

Put up string lights

string lightsThere are no limitations when it comes to string lights. It is not just for a girl’s room but anyone can use it. This item is versatile and can compliment whatever theme that you are going to use in your place and environment. If you want a clean look, try and purchase the white one, but for a more tumblr look then warm white is the color to go. A lot of colors and variations allows you to be creative with this decor. Not to mention that you can put it how however you like, whether it’s shaping a particular object, name, waterfall drops, or simply a straight line.

Make a photo wall

photo wallIf you wish to combine string lights and pictures, or just to hang more than one photos in one area, then this is the DIY (do-it-yourself) for you. You can find easily find a grid in hardware or craft store. It is recommended to get it in white or silver color to make the background clean and simple. After you hang up the grid, then begin to experiment on what you want to put on it. For example, you can use a wood clamp to arrange your favorites polaroid pictures on it or printed pictures that you have selected based on a theme.

Wall stickers

Wall stickersFun and cheap, this is the ultimate inexpensive decor that you could ever find. Especially if you are a lazy person, then this is the perfect option because it requires the least effort. The only two things that you need to pay attention to make sure that the sticker that you choose won’t ruin the wall, and it is permitted to use wall stickers.