Buying The Best Vape Mods


Vapes (E-cigs) have become quite popular not only to smokers but to non-smokers too because it makes them feel better without having to put their health at risk. Vapes have also become stylish accessories that you can carry around to work, parties and huge events without worry of seclusion due to your smoking appetite. You can get more info at It is big business, and e-cig manufacturers are cashing in big time! If you are dying to try a vape, you can make use of these detailed tips to ensure that you get the right vape mod.

Choose an e-cig with a vape juice that you like

Whiskyrftg56y7u7u7u8i9i9o4r5, brandy, beer and vodka are some examples of famous alcoholic substances. Likewise, there are quite some e-cig brands in the market. Each brand is famed for its unique vape juice. As you choose your ideal vape, you need to ensure that the vape juice is made up of:

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Flavoring
  • Nicotine

Before purchasing a vape, you need to determine the content of nicotine which is variable added to suit a beginner, intermediate or chain smoker.

E-filter/ E-tank

E-filters and E-tanks steal the show with their every appearance. Since they are the outward cover that houses the other e-cig component, then they have to be stylish in every way. You can choose an ideal vape brand depending on your taste and preferences. Another reason to keep the e-tank design into consideration is the idea of refilling once the e-liquid is finished. If you are okay with refilling, then choose an e-cig with an e-tank that is easy to maneuver and replenish.


Batteries are the life of the e-cig, without the battery, the e-cig just won’t work. Some e-cig batteries have to be changed once they are dead while others have a battery charger that you can use in charging the vape. The battery life is dependent on any of these three factors:t2gwed6edy2e72u82i92

  • How often you smoke
  • How often you charge the battery
  • How long you have used the e-cig
  • How many times you have changed the battery before

A rechargeable vape is the best because once you purchase it, you can forget about having to replace the battery unless the situation was totally out of your control. Another reason to get a vape with a battery that you can charge is that you never know what to expect should the manufacturer introduce something new and do away with the old.

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